Microfibre - Whats all the Fuss?

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre is a revolutionary fabric which is extremely effective for cleaning in almost every scenario imaginable. For this reason they have become the cleaning and polishing cloth of choice in all areas of the cleaning industry, replacing traditional woven cloths and dusters. They are produced in a wide-range of colours and can be used in conjunction with your own colour-­coded cleaning regime.

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InPRC - A New Innovation for Facilities Managers

Today we have guest Blogger Hans Westerveld from Holland who brings news of an exciting new development which could benefit those in the FM market, Gary.

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How can I Remove a Heavy Build-Up of Floor Polish / Finish?

Removing a heavy build-up of floor polish/finish or floor sealer is a problem cleaning contractors can face on a regular basis. Having twice been asked almost the same question in the space of a couple of weeks I decided it was time to put pen to paper.

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Cleaning Chemical Range wins Tomorrow's FM Product Award

The Jangro Contract Range has been awarded Tomorrow’s FM Product & Services Award 2013 in the new product and services category

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How to Effectively Use 3M Diamond Floor Pads

1. The Scotch-Brite™ Sienna Diamond Floor Pad is a premium quality floor maintenance pad, made of high quality synthetic fibre, with abrasive particles, including high quality synthetic diamonds, bonded with a durable resin to the non-woven pad.
(Special Feature: The non-printed dark, bottom side of pad is the work surface.)

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Facilities Managers Running Scared - In Procurement no one ever got fired for backing the incumbent supplier.

In my experience procurement departments in most cases tend to favour the incumbent supplier often with very good reason. Loyalty to suppliers that have provided years of service and have exceeded expectations is highly commendable.

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