Dealing with Biological Hazards While Cleaning the Washroom

Within the cleaning industry, cleaning operatives are exposed to biological hazards, to varying degrees, depending on the nature of their work. When cleaning toilets, operatives will frequently have to deal with body fluid stains and spillages. The use of an effective disinfectant i.e. Bactericidal Washroom Cleaner will deal with harmful bacteria effectively. However, in certain situations, where body fluid spillages are extensive or are suspected to contain diseases, it will be necessary to perform specific procedures in order to minimise the risk of infection.

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Biohazards in the Workplace, for Cleaners it can be a Daily Risk

Biological hazards or “biohazards" is the term used to describe any micro-organism, cell culture or human endo-parasite that can cause harm. In simple terms it is the general term for bugs and germs.

In Health & Safety, Biological Hazards, Biohazards