EBOLA Virus - Implementing strict infection control measures

Surface disinfection and hand hygiene is crucial to prevent spread!

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Surface disinfection and hand hygiene is crucial to prevent spread!

Ebola Virus Infecting a Nation


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Ebola virus disease (EVD) has rarely been out of the headlines over
recent weeks. This infectious disease has been causing panic across a
number of African countries. Recently, Liberia declared a state of emer-
gency and the outbreak has also hit Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Guinea.
Meanwhile, a number of international aid workers have been infected
and there are concerns that the disease could spread further.

Initially transmitted to people from wild animals such as forest antelope,
chimpanzees and fruit bats, EVD spreads through the human popula-
tion via person-to-person contact and it has a fatality rate of up to 90
per cent. People remain infectious as long as their blood and secretions
contain the virus, and this can be up to seven weeks after they recover.

Individuals are at risk of contracting EVD if they have direct contact
through broken skin or mucous membranes with the blood secretions,
organs or other bodily fluids of infected individuals. Indirect contact with
environments contaminated with these fluids can also lead to infection.

This means that, unless strict infection control precautions are in place,
healthcare workers are in danger of falling ill with the disease if they
treat patients with suspected or confirmed Ebola. There is not yet a
licensed specific treatment or vaccine available.

Reducing the risk of infection

Because there is not yet an effective treatment for the disease, it is par-
ticularly important for affected communities to take protective measures
to reduce the risk of infection. Information plays a crucial role in the
battle against EVD. People must understand the importance of avoiding
close physical contact with infected patients, and this includes the burial
of the dead.

In addition, strict rules must be observed in healthcare settings. For
example, because the early symptoms of the disease may be
non-specific, it is vital that personnel apply standard precautions with
all patients, regardless of their initial diagnoses. These measures include
basic hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and the use of personal
protective equipment.

As well as these standard precautions, healthcare workers should adhere
to more specific infection control measures to avoid exposure to bodily
fluids, as well as to any environments that may be contaminated. For
example, such personnel should wear face shields or medical masks and
goggles. They should also wear a clean, non-sterile long-sleeved gown
and gloves.

Meanwhile, samples taken from suspected human and animal EVD cases
for diagnoses in laboratories should only be handled by trained staff and
they should be processed in suitably equipped environments.

Of course, all environments that are exposed to suspected and
confirmed EVD patients must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on
a continual basis. This is fundamental in the fight against the disease.

Strict hygiene control

Strict hygiene control measures can prove highly effective in preventing
EVD cases, but in order to achieve the best results, people need all the
relevant information and supplies.

The disease belongs to the virus family Filoviridae, which are filamentous
enveloped viruses. These viruses can be rendered inactive by agents
that target their lipid envelopes. This means that surface active biocides
like the quaternary biocides found in Clinell Universal, as well as highly
oxidative biocides such as the peracetic acid found in Clinell Sporicidal,
can be effective in targeting EVD.

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