New Washroom Innovation for Schools - The Jangronaughts

Meet the Jangronauts – hand-washing heroes!

In Jangronauts

Meet the Jangronauts – hand-washing heroes!

Four loveable hand-washing heroes are ready to teach primary school children the vital importance of hygiene!

Jimmy, Jess, Jack and Jade have all been brought to life by Jangro, which is the UK’s largest network of independent janitorial supply companies.

The four animated characters, the Jangronauts, feature on a range of hand washing dispensers, toilet tissue dispensers and hand drying units for school washrooms.

They also have their very own website, which has a catchy hand-washing rhyme and downloadable activities including a teachers’ pack, colouring sheets, a story book, masks, posters and mirror stickers.

Jangronauts launch

Educational resources

Lively educational resources have been put together to help teachers and parents engage with children and deliver the hand washing messages in a fun and interactive way.

The story book takes children through the delightful adventures of Jimmy, Jade, Jack and Jess and each mini story highlights when it is important to wash hands.

Certificates are a great way to recognise the hand washing efforts of the children and are perfect to present in assemblies and to send home to parents.

The colouring sheets, dot to dots pages, spot the difference, guess the animals, amazing mazes, cut out Jangronaut figures and masks can all be utilised for when rain stops outside play.

Fun, fully removable, mirror stickers transform the pupils into official Jangronauts and encourage them to wash their hands for longer, by simply placing them at head height on the mirrors in the washrooms.

Posters can also be displayed around school to teach children when they should wash their hands.

Cool curriculum

Jangro has worked with teaching experts to create a pack of curriculum ideas suitable for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

As hygiene is part of childrens’ Foundation stage assessment criteria (an early learning goal) there is a whole host of ideas including interactive circle time discussions, numeracy tasks and outdoor activities included in the pack.

Key Stage 1 topic work includes the Jangronauts journey over land and sea for geography or horrible stories of the way disease and germs have shaped the history of the UK and beyond.

Watch and learn

A two-minute digital rhyme, which can be used in class, explains why children need to wash their hands and includes a step-by-step guide on the correct way to do it.

Meet the Jangronauts!

Jangronaut Jimmy has crossed space and time. Now he is high-fiving aliens covered in slime. Jimmy must make sure when he gets home, to wash his hands with plenty of foam.

Jangronaut Jess loves to picnic in the sky in her pretty balloon way up high. She finds a rain cloud when it is time to eat, to wash her hands before yummy treats.

Jangronaut Jack gets a ride on an elephant’s back and races leopards round a racetrack. As the sun sets on a really wild day, Jack scrubs his hands to wash the germs away.

Jangronaut Jade swims around the ocean with ease, but the cold water has made her sneeze. Not wanting to spread her germs everywhere she washes her hands – bugs beware!




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