This is part 3 of a 3 part series designed to help contractors overcome some of the problems associated with commercial floor care.

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This is part 3 of a 3 part series designed to help contractors overcome some of the problems associated with commercial floor care.


How do I tell the difference between all the different types of stone floor? The different types of stone all have their own characteristics but the main one to identify for a cleaner is whether they are porous, semi-porous or non -porous as this will dictate the choice of treatment and cleaning product.


How can I tell whether a floor is porous or not?
Always test the porosity of a floor - if it is porous it will take a seal, if not do not apply a seal as this will dry on the surface then flake off. To test: apply a small amount of water to the dry floor and observe. If the water is quickly absorbed then the floor is porous. If the water sits on top in droplets then the floor is non-porous or it has been protected with a seal.

Jangro Floor Maintainer

How do I re-seal marble?
Marble is non-porous and will not take a seal. Old, worn marble floors may be improved with the application of Jangro Perfumed Floor Maintainer BD030-5 which can be burnished to a shine once dry. Also see Marble Restoration


I put a bucket of cleaning solution down on a vinyl/linoleum / tile / stone / wood floor. Now the customer says it has left a darker a lighter ring mark. Is this possible? What can I do?

Unfortunately it is entirely possible for traces of solution on a bucket or from a leaky machine to leave marks on floors. Buckets and machines should always be placed on tarpaulins or some other kind of protection and drips should be wiped up immediately and
neutralised. The marks may be permanent and irreversible. If they have been made by an alkaline solution, try neutralising with an acidic rinse and vice versa. Unfortunately it may be too late and there could be a permanent colour change or lightening of an area.

How do I get scuff marks from shoes or rubber track marks from trolley wheels off Vinyl/linoleum?

BD230-5Sometimes scuff marks will just rub off quite easily but otherwise a specialist product - Jangro Universal Floor Cleaner BD230-5 - can be used. In severe cases removal is impossible as the rubber (or rather the plasticizers in it) have been absorbed into the pores of the floor covering. Always test scuff marks at the survey stage before guaranteeing removal.

I cleaned a linoleum floor and now there are lighter patches in some areas. What can I do?
BD070-5Linoleum and rubber floors are sensitive to alkaline solutions. Try Prorinse 1226 but there is no guarantee that the colour will be restored. Always use an acidic rinse (Prorinse 1226 ) after cleaning with an alkaline solution. Only use neutral solutions such as Jangro Neutral Floor Cleaner BD070-5 or Jangro Perfumed Floor Maintainer BD030-5 for daily maintenance.

2282 - ShockawayOTHER PROBLEMS

Do you have anything for static electricity on a hard floor?
You can use SHOCKAWAY 2282 on porous or semi-porous flooring, according to label instructions. Always ensure that the floor is not left in a slippery condition, which can
sometimes occur with anti-static treatments.


Do you have anything for a build-up of limescale on a safety floor in toilet?
You can use QMT Stoneclean 1251 as a limescale remover.

Have you got anything for removing grout residues from a tiled floor?
Scrub the tiles with QMT Stoneclean 1251.


Do you have anything for sanitising hard surfaces?
For general cleaning and sanitising use Jangro Medical Sanitiser BA051-5.

BM060-5Have you got anything for cleaning fire residues off hard surfaces?
Use Ultrapac Renovate 2256 according to label instructions. For ceiling cleaning Oxibrite 2286 can be added to the solution. See Safety Data Sheet and observe all safety precautions.

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Some of the information found here was taken from material produced by Prochem Europe & the Jangro Group.