InPRC - A New Innovation for Facilities Managers

Today we have guest Blogger Hans Westerveld from Holland who brings news of an exciting new development which could benefit those in the FM market, Gary.

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Hans WesterveldToday we have guest Blogger Hans Westerveld from Holland who brings news of an exciting new development which could benefit those in the FM market, Gary.

InPRC a tool for facility management

The ‘In Process Regie Concept’ (InPRC) is one of the new developments in facility and technical services making use of ICT and Internet. Notwithstanding systems with smartphones and App’s, “InPRC” works with a scanner and with barcodes. Although in the future barcodes can be replaced by RFID chips, to date the use of barcodes is the most simple and least expensive application.

How does it work

In the “InPRC” system every room, space or installation is provided with an unique barcode. The service employee (public servant, mechanic and or other service employees) logs on to the room or installation with a barcode scanner. On a barcode list all work programs for servicing and preventive – and corrective technical maintenance are indicated with barcodes. The service employee scans the program he must perform. On a list of barcodes for disruptions and details he scans any deviation. After completion of work in the room or installation the service employee logs off and logs on in the next room or installation. At the end of the workday, the scanner is connected to a PC to upload all data to the ‘workaround’ website where all data can be shared with the management and stakeholders.

InPRC in the center of the service operation

The central role of the service employee in the “InPRC” system is an appeal to his knowledge and experience on site, rather than reliance on the knowledge in the office of the client or service provider. The service employee has the best understanding of the situation on sites. Within the framework of the work programs and service schedules he determines which program he is going to perform. With the ability to scan quickly and effectively details and disruptions, a special catch is created for the service provider as well as for the client.

What are the benefits of InPRC

The available data for servicing consists of the performance in all functional areas such as offices / workplaces, restrooms and traffic areas. For technical maintenance, the information from completed tasks to system maintenance is available. In addition the data consists of the presence hours / time total and per employee. There is also a list of available features and distortions in total and per space or installation. With more buildings or installations are registered in the “InPRC” database, the wealth of data can be used for benchmarking and offers a solid basis for calculations for new projects and tenders.


InPRC can also be used as assessment tool for the assessment of services and outsourced maintenance and outsourced services. Two applications are for instance:

1. Registration with the use of ‘scanners’ and barcodes on external places for obtaining and recording current distortions and details. After uploading the data from the scanners on a laptop/personal computer, the dashboard in the website ‘workaround’ offers a multitude of data as a result: residence registration, details of disturbances per room, per system, per building, per period and per year. Benchmarking and data mining in the customer dashboard for the purpose of management. From the distortions and special reporting the organization can quickly take action.

2. Assessment of quality of completed work in remote locations using ‘scanners’ and barcoding. After charging the data to a PC the dashboard of the ‘workaround’ in the website shows the total of registered elements that lead to lists of action items, agenda items for consultation with involved employees and companies, evaluations of contracts and benchmarking.

The flowchart of InPRC

InPRC is patented

“InPRC” has obtained a patent for this tool, described in Patent No. NL ​​1033348.


The “InPRC” system is marketed by Cleaning Works. For more information please contact Hans Westerveld through email or call +31 6 55 771777.

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