How do Scrubber Dryers Work?

Scrubber Dryers

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Scrubber Dryers

Ride On Scrubber DryerScrubber drying machines combine the scrubbing function of a rotary cleaning machine with the suction capabilities of a vacuum cleaner allowing both cleaning processes to be carried out in a single pass. Following treatment with a scrubber dryer, the floor is clean and dry and suitable for walking on.

How Do They Work?

First of all let us look at the main components of the machine and the way in which they interact with each other during operation.

Clean Water Tank

The clean water tank is usually situated within the main body of the machine above the rotary head. Usually the water is fed through the brush either by a manual gravity system or an automated system

They are manufactured in a huge range of shapes and sizes from the smallest, which are no bigger than a vacuum cleaner, to the largest which you can sit on and drive down the high street. Regardless of the size, they all perform the same function that of dislodging dirt and debris and vacuuming away the resulting waste solution.

The rotary brushes incorporated within the machine can be cylindrical or disc shaped and driven in the same way as described in the rotary cleaning machine section.

The Vacuum Unit

The vacuum unit is situated within the collection tank and is protected from water by the use of a float valve which will automatically cut off the vacuum if the level of the waste water becomes too high. The vacuum inlet is attached to the squeegee to allow the waste to be collected.

The Squeegee and Collection Tank

Numatic Twintec TT6650SThe squeegee is situated at the back of the machine and trails behind it when in use. It is typically one and half times the width of the machine, allowing it to collect waste when the machine is turned. The squeegee itself is fitted to a free-floating, adjustable outrigger to increase its manoeuvrability and automatically adjusts to the unevenness of the floor surface being cleaned.

The intake tube carries the waste into the collection tank where it is deposited. It also contains a drainage outlet which is situated below the base of the collection tank to allow for easy drainage. Some models have detachable tanks that can be emptied in much the same way as a bucket or bowl.

The Control Panel

Jangro Scrubber Dryer SolutionThis is usually incorporated with the handle of the machine or near to it. The control panel allows the operator to switch the vacuum unit and solution pump on and off as required. The more sophisticated models can have indicators to show the levels within the solution and collection tanks.

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