Snow - Floor Care Tips for the Winter Months

Winter Floor Care

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Winter Floor Care


The onset of winter often means Snow and Ice, this can cause problems for cleaners because sand, salt and gravel on walkways, can be tracked into your building.

Salt and Gravel creates a significant amount of additional cleaning and will have an effect on the floor finish that's been applied to internal floors

One of the most common problems for cleaners during the winter months is trying to remove salt residue from floors. Your priority must be to try to restrict the amount of salt that is tracked into your building; this can be achieved by installing effective entrance matting.

In fact where feasible a series of mats should be installed so that they capture the vast majority of dirt before it is tracked onto the floor of the building. Unfortunately the implementation of an effective matting program is sometimes outside the control of the cleaning professional.

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Floor Care Tips for the Winter Months

In reception areas or other areas that lead directly to the outside


1. Put down additional coats of floor finish/polish, I would strongly recommend 2 coats of undercoat followed by 3 coats of top coat, I am particularly fond of Jangro Sovereign Floor Undercoat Sealer and Jangro Sovereign Heavy Duty Floor Polish.


2. Before mopping a floor area contaminated by salt it is prudent to neutralise the floor first by mopping with something like Prochem Prorinse. Prorinse is an acidic rinse agent for neutralising alkaline residues of floor polish stripper, before applying new emulsion polish. However the use of Prorinse helps salt attacking your floor polish.


3. Use a Gloss Restorer rather than a floor maintainer and again I particularly like the Jangro Sovereign Range, the product this time is Jangro Sovereign Gloss Restorer. The product contains a combination of high powered cleaning agents together with specially prepared thermoplastic additives this product ensures good protection and enhances the finish of floors. It can be used for damp mopping, for spray buffing. It can also be used neat as a floor polish.

HE131-B4. Inspect your dust control mops and replace heads if needed. It’s imperative that you remove as much dry surface salt and grit before you start mopping or machine cleaning.Regular cleaning during the problem months will still of course be imperative, but by preparing the floor ahead of time, the risk of lasting damage is somewhat reduced


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