Health & Safety Training Video:



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Health & Safety Training Video:



It is imperative that all issues relating to health and safety are tackled in a practical way and achieve the objective of ensuring that all those involved
in the cleaning of a building make a positive contribution to the overall safety of it.

There is always a danger when considering health and safety in the workplace in underestimating its importance and overestimating the amount of work required to put adequate safety systems in place. As a result, the message that needs to be
conveyed often gets lost.

Many people do not realise that if they do not pay due attention to safety in the course of their work or cause injury or infection to someone else, they are personally responsible and may face prosecution.

Similarly, organisations that fail to take adequate steps to ensure their own employees observe all relevant procedures can also be liable to prosecution. In short, good health and safety practice starts with the operative, but that the operative relies on effective support from informed managers and supervisors.

Guide to Health and Safety Awareness


This video is designed to help you comply with UK Health and Safety legislation, and is accompanied by a free 40 page document called A Guide to Health & Safety.

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