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The New Jangro Mobile App & LMS

Jangro is a dynamic force in the cleaning supply industry and has the largest network of independent janitorial distributors in the UK and Ireland. It provides excellent service and the highest levels of quality, choice, training and technical support attainable. Only premium quality products are supplied wholesale via distributors who are strategically located to provide a speedy, efficient and caring personal service tailored to clients' needs. The Jangro trademark has evolved over the years to be recognised as the premier independent brand for the professional janitorial service contractor.

Market Needs

Jangro, needed a unified learning system which had the capabilities of both – a Learning Management System (for desktop delivery) and a Mobile Learning Platform (for mobile delivery). The need for the unified system stemmed from a genuine challenge that Jangro faced.

Given the large network of independent distributors and dealers, one of the biggest challenges that Jangro faced was training its clients and dealer executives, and keeping them updated with its latest products.

Jangro App Dashboard The Jangro App

There was also a need to address the mixed structure of the user base; while users were mobile, internal employees were typically in an office environment. Jangro was looking at an integrated solution which could help it deliver and manage cleaner training online via desktops and mobile devices.

Additionally, Jangro has been equipping all their products and product collaterals with QR codes. There was a critical need to use these QR codes in the final mobile solution so as to make it easy and instant for any user to access relevant training/information material related to the particular product by processing the QR code.

To address the mixed structure of Jangro's user base, they devised a unique approach – Integrating a multi award-winning Learning Management System, with Upside2Go, a revolutionary mobile learning platform. This integrated solution, branded inline with the company's name - 'Jangro', proved to be the right fit for Jangro's needs.

Desk Top or Mobile Leaning

For its internal employees and clients who were typically in an office environment, Jangro used the Learning Management System end (UpsideLMS) to deliver training on desktops. While for its clients cleaning staff and dealer executives, Upside2Go was used to deliver training in the form of HTML courses, videos, podcasts flashcards etc. on mobile devices.

To offer a complete and a unified experience to administrators and users vis-à-vis separate backend management of content, delivery and reporting, additional integrations were done in the administrator interface and the system backend. This allows the administrator/s to use one system to create, deliver and manage training either on the Learning Management System (desktop) or the mobile learning platform (mobile device).

Online Course LMS Floor Care Course

QR Code for LMSQR codes give linked access to training via the user's dashboard allowing him/her to scan a QR code printed on products or the Jangro catalogue. On scanning, a list of available courses/videos/podcasts and other information is pulled up allowing the user to learn more about a particular product by accessing the required resources.

The Jangro app is available in iOS (Apple), Android and Blackberry versions so that it can be deployed across various mobile operating systems. This also ensures that Jangro can target a wide cross section of its users irrespective of the mobile devices they use.

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See Jangro's Additional Animated PUG's Online

Jangro is converting its Product Useage Guides from PDF into graphically rich videos with animation. These videos were created in MP4 format to make them easier to deploy to mobile devices. Further, a custom developed eLearning course has been created in HTML

The Benefits of an Integrated Approach

Jangro App & LMSIncreased operational efficiency -The Jangro app ensures that the administrators can deliver and manage all training (be it on desktops or mobile devices) via a single unified interface

Performance enhancement -Just-in-time performance support brought in by the QR code module ensures that the learners can access all resources (PDFs/ courses/ videos/ (podcasts) related to a product at the time of need leading to improvement in performance.

Informed decision making - Comprehensive reporting including a user's complete training profile with web and mobile training records in the unified transcripts enabled the admin to make informed decisions about the learner's training/learning.

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