How Can Cleaning Contractors Reduce Their Overheads During Recession?

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Taking a Sledge Hammer to Crack a Nut in a Recession

Cleaning companies run on extremely tight margins and competition is fierce. The recession and credit crunch has been the worst in living memory, combine these facts and it’s obvious that contractors need to find ways of cutting costs.

In a recent Blog entitled 10 Money Saving Ideas Contractors can’t afford to Ignore I list ways in which contractors can save money, it was in fact my most successful Blog to date attracting over 500 hits in just 3 days.

As suppliers to the cleaning industry it’s imperative that my company stays in touch with the needs of our clients, we have tried to do this in a number of ways, as regular readers of my Blog will know.

I have tried to highlight new cleaning based innovations which save the contractor time and ultimately money. I have tried to add value by providing information on Risk Assessments, Safe Working Procedures and Problem Solving.

While recently pondering the effectiveness of my Blog to achieve its original goals i.e. adding value, I concluded that while all these above are certainly important and assist the contractor to perform better, in some cases cost savings are paramount.

As well as being a Director of the Jangro Group, I am also on the sales and marketing side of its Group Development Committee. It’s our job to monitor the market place and ensure Jangro stays ahead of the competition by introducing innovations and support material such as the Jangro Solution from which much of my blog material is taken.

The Jangro Training Solution The Jangro Training Solution

Although only about 5% of a contractor’s budget is spent on cleaning materials, this can add up to a substantial amount of money. Many contractors opt for high cost branded products because there is perception of quality and in most cases that’s absolutely true. However it occurred to us that in some instances this may be a case of “overkill”. The reality of most contracts is that they are serviced every day and using highly concentrated chemical products could be a waste of money, to say nothing of the impact on the environment due to the use of unnecessary chemicals.

With this is mind Jangro has just launched the Contact Range of daily use cleaning chemicals. This highly effective range of products has been produced to very exacting standards by chemists that understand how cleaning contractors operate. These no frills, high performance, professional products are supplied in recycled boxes and are manufactured to minimise cost in use.

To quote veteran cleaning Journalist Peter Vezey, “Jangro is once again at the forefront innovation, by launching a range of chemicals specially targeted at cleaning contractors, to suit their needs and budgets. This trend setting move is sure make a large number of contractors re-examine the way they think about cleaning products”.

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