Preparing for the Olympics and Potential Road Chaos


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Thinking ahead for this year, Janitorial Express wants to make sure that we continue to serve you well during the Olympics.

As you'll see from the map below, the Olympics aren’t just an event in Stratford - it's all over London, from Woolwich to Wembley to Wimbledon and beyond. Transport for London (TfL) is emphasising that London is open for business during the Olympics. The Olympic and Paralympic Route Network - shown in green and blue on the map - will generally operate between the hours of 06.00 to Midnight every day: it is not a complete traffic ban, though there will be more parking restrictions and there won't be as many turns onto and off the route as there are today.Our Vans will be unable to use this route so some journeys that used to take us 20 minutes could take up to 4 hours.

TfL is suggesting that businesses stockpile non-perishable goods before the ORN opens on 25th July. The ORN will close on 15th August, providing another window for orders before the PRN opens from 27th August to 11th September.

If you are willing and able to stockpile, please let us know what orders you expect to be placing, so that we can supply all your needs. If you are not able to stockpile, TfL is suggesting that you consider retiming some deliveries - having orders delivered between midnight and 06.00 where this is practical. It won't be completely impossible to have deliveries during the day, but delivery times will be very much slower.

We will work with you to make sure you get the Janitorial products you need. The Olympics means a lot of visitors to London, which can be good for our businesses if we plan in advance. There are two good websites to help with planning: and, for all your non-freight questions,

We have meetings planned with representatives of TFL planned for April, once those meetings have been concluded we will have more of an idea what will and what will not be possible.

Information on Traffic Hot Spots

For additional information email or call 020 7700 3322

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