The P-Wave Urinal Screen - Kills the Bacteria that Causes Bad Odour

Why would you want to use a urinal deodoriser is a very good question, and why use the P-Wave?

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Why would you want to use a urinal deodoriser is a very good question, and why use the P-Wave?

Urinals, often called splash backs (there’s a clue in there somewhere) often cause urine to ‘splash’ out onto the surrounding area. This may land on the floor, on the dividing screens or even on the person using the urinal or worse the person standing at the next urinal!

Urine on the floor often gets into grout between tiles and then is difficult to remove by general cleaning; this causes bad smells that can linger. Uric acid will also damage floor finishes, which can be seen by dull floor finishes under and around urinals.

The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser is designed with anti-splash fingers which break the stream of urine on contact preventing splash. No splash means less cleaning and less chance of residual smells coming from floors and a better experience for the customer.

A build-up of uric acid in the drain and trap is also one cause of smell in a urinal. Even in waterless urinals where a special sealed trap is fitted, smells can emanate.

The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser releases optimised bacteria that break down the causes of smells in drains and traps, reducing bad smells emanating from them. Again this helps create a better customer experience.

How does the fragrance last so long? The fragrance in the P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser lasts for thirty days because there is a lot of fragrance in it! With old vinyl screens companies tried to add fragrance but they had to be made by a hot moulded process and most of the fragrance evaporated in manufacture. The P-Wave is manufactured in a cold process so we manage to keep all the fragrance in.

As the fragrance is within the product it is slowly released at a fairly even rate through the thirty days. This leaves the Urinal area smelling fresh and clean, adding to a better customer experience again!

What about sustainability? The P-Wave uses a lot less energy to manufacture than vinyl screens or many other air fresheners or urinal deodorisers due to the process of manufacture. The P-Wave Urinal Deodoriser can be recycled and go back into the production of other recyclable plastic products.

Just a few reasons why you should choose P-wave urinal deodorisers.

A limited number of samples are available in the UK. Call 020 7700 3322. Or email:

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