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Training your frontline staff can improve their performance and your profitability, and now you can get funding for it!

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Training your frontline staff can improve their performance and your profitability, and now you can get funding for it!

Cleaning and Support staff are on the front line, dealing with customers and members of the public on a daily basis, as well as handling hazardous chemicals and machinery which can pose a risk to themselves and others.

Training will ensure employees have up to date health and safety skills, personal learning and thinking skills, cleaning skills and other key skills, like communication and numeracy Training can help them deal with the numerous risks associated with their roles. What is more, this training can in many cases be fully funded.


There are a huge range of benefits to you and your staff.

  • Contracts and Tenders – Having a workforce who are trained and certified to a national standard will significantly strengthen tenders and applications for contracts; increasing the chances of a positive outcome.
  • Increased Staff Efficiency – Trained staff will be able to complete tasks more effectively, to a higher standard, and reduce the time taken to finish a job. This will all make a positive impact on your organisations bottom line.
  • Health and Safety – Accidents cost organisations money, so staff who are able to reduce and minimise the risks associated with their roles will not only keep themselves and colleagues safe, but also members of the public.
  • Motivated and happy Staff –A happy and motivated workforce will have a positive effect on a company’s performance. Ranging from reduced absenteeism through to conscientious and loyal staff, training can improve all of these.

Framework Training Programmes

The government funding available for training staff through the Level 2 Framework in Cleaning and Environmental Services, is an ideal way to up-skill your existing staff or to train new members. In many cases this certified training QCF is fully funded and can be delivered at no cost to you, the employer.


The training programme covers a range of job roles including:
• Cleaners
• Window Cleaners
• Upholstery and Carpet Cleaners
• Hygiene Operatives
• Waste Operatives
• Caretakers
• Street Cleaning Operatives

The training programme is split into five main areas, with employees gaining certification for each:

  • Technical Certificate (Knowledge based qualification)
  • QCF (competence based qualification) Certificate in Cleaning and Support Services
  • Key Skills – Communication and Numeracy
  • Personal Learning & Thinking Skills
  • Employment Responsibilities

How is the Training Delivered?
All of the training is delivered on-site, with disruption to the normal working day kept to a minimum. Employees are trained in the units that fit their job roles.

For example, below are just some of the units which can be taken:

• Dealing with routine waste
• Clean and maintain internal/external surfaces and areas
• Clean washrooms and replenish supplies
• Clean maintain and protect semi-hard and hard floors
• Street Cleansing

An appropriate time frame for completion of a Level 2 training programme is 6 months, but it can take longer if this suits you. The training programme is designed to help your employees reach both a high level of competency and performance.

What will it Cost? In many cases, training is provided at no cost to the employer. If this is not the case we will work with you to find the most cost effective route, utilising funding where possible.

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