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Jangro Learning Management System (LMS) and Mobile App

 Affordable Training at your fingertips 




Developed over a period of six years, Jangro's latest venture is an award winning modular training programme and app the Jangro LMS and Mobile App, its aim, 'to put information and training at your fingertips'.

In a nutshell, the 'Learning Management System' (LMS) is a new distance-learning programme that enables employees to be trained in correct cleaning products and procedures.

The first release of LMS programmes offered three modules to cover basic everyday janitorial activities: Floorcare, COSHH and Washroom Cleaning.  Now we can offer 10 FREE courses including Cleaning, Introduction to Equipment, Kitchen Hygiene, PH scale and cleaning agents, Colour Coding, Bio-Hazards, Infection Control, Carpet Care, 


Winner of the Innovation Award

At its launch at the Cleaning Show 2013 the Jangro LMS and mobile app was entered into the Cleaning Show’s Innovation Awards and the great news is not only did it triumph in its own category but also won the overall trophy! 

'It is every employees' right to be given adequate training for the job but all too often only a small number of staff get selected because of the high cost or time away from the job to train. 'This programme beats both these problems as it is low cost, practical and doesn't mean time off from the job. There's no excuse now for bad practice from untrained staff – is any employee not worth 99p?'

Andrew Large, chief executive of the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA)

“It's about value adding. We want people to understand Jangro and what we're about. It's important to make the point that the money generated is going back into LMS we want to benefit our customers and give them the very best”

Gary Fage, Managing Director, Janitorial Express


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